Every company needs a process in acquiring customers. You can’t forever acquire your customers by randomly having conversations with people you meet, giving them your business card and following up over email or phone. This is ok to get your first few sales, but eventually, you’ll need a more robust process. You should acquire customers according to a predictable and repeatable process and it should be automated so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time. You can only scale your business when you remove your own time as a constraint.

A customer acquisition process is also called a sales process, sales funnel or sales cycle. They are all the same thing. They are a series of steps that you must take a customer through before they are ready to buy. A good customer acquisition process is one that enables multiple sales to be made to the same customer, each one more significant than the last. If you can do this, you will maximize your customer value and afford to spend more on your marketing.

We will introduce two client acquisition strategies:

  1. ONLINE customer acquisition process
  2. OFFLINE customer acquisition process

A sale should not happen by accident, because you happened to bump into a potential customer while doing your grocery shopping today. Making sales happen should be as reliable as turning on the tap and expecting water to come out. Using the right customer acquisition process will enable you to find you customers, sell to them and build a consistently profitable business. This will set the foundation for all your future acquisition efforts. Not only does it help you with user acquisition by allowing you to target ads more effectively but also it’s going to help with almost every other aspect of your marketing. Regardless of the platform – Facebook, Google Adwords, etc. – if you’ve got a clear picture of what your audience is interested in, how they behave and how they talk about their problems and desires, then you’ll be able to create better ads, your copy will use similar language – the phrases, the slang, the description is instantly going to be relatable to your audience.

If you think outside of the advertising space, the understanding of the audience will help you write better products or service descriptions that appeal to them.

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